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The European Council summit: An early analysis

So the latest European Council ‘informal’ summit was held on Monday without too much trouble, and there were a couple of important decisions. Most importantly, all the attending countries except the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic agreed on a … Continue reading

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Countdown to Another Summit

Tomorrow (Monday 3oth), the European Council will meet again at an “informal meeting” in Brussels. This will be sort of a half-way milestone in the process that was initiated at the last formal Council summit on 8-9 December last year … Continue reading

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Cui bono? The budget impact of a British withdrawal from the EU

So David Cameron’s not-actually-a-veto at the European Council summit last week has reignited the eternal debate over what the United Kingdom actually wants to do with itself in the EU, or whether it would be better off leaving altogether. One … Continue reading

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Origins of a Euromyth

Dear readers: Quite a treat for you today! We have the pleasure of witnessing the birth of a genuine Euromyth right now, as it happens. First, a bit of background. Cast your thoughts back to February 2011 (if you need … Continue reading

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Having your cake and eating it

So while the rest of Europe got on with the task of not having everything ruined forever – Greece finally got a new government, Italian President Napolitano apparently had a little heart-to-heart talk with Silvio Berlusconi, and the Germans may … Continue reading

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