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Countdown to Another Summit

Tomorrow (Monday 3oth), the European Council will meet again at an “informal meeting” in Brussels. This will be sort of a half-way milestone in the process that was initiated at the last formal Council summit on 8-9 December last year … Continue reading

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The ultimate reply

Dear readers: You know that annoying question that Euro-sceptics always like to ask? I’m talking about “What has the EU ever done for us?” And you know how it can sometimes be a bit hard to answer satisfactorily, because you’re … Continue reading

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A European Annapolis Convention?

(Apologies for the number of Wikipedia links, but this topic requires a certain amount of context.) In September 1786, a group of delegates from five of the newly-independent American states met in the city of Annapolis, Maryland, in what was … Continue reading

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Cui bono? The budget impact of a British withdrawal from the EU

So David Cameron’s not-actually-a-veto at the European Council summit last week has reignited the eternal debate over what the United Kingdom actually wants to do with itself in the EU, or whether it would be better off leaving altogether. One … Continue reading

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