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“It’s alive!”

There was a paragraph in a Financial Times blog post about the Greek debt deal that really caught my eye this morning: The [International Swaps and Derivatives Association] is important because they are the industry group which decides whether so-called credit … Continue reading

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“I was in a bookstore/café that could neither sell books nor make coffee”

UPDATE: I’ve been made aware by a reader that it’s doubtful whether the anecdote mentioned here is true. See the comments for details. Megan Greene from Roubini Global Economics shares a Kafka-esque anecdote from Athens which illustrates what the real … Continue reading

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Norwegian butter protectionism: An update

Since my post on the butter shortage in Norway has easily become the most frequently visited one on this blog (it’s amazing how many people google for “norway butter protectionism”), I feel a certain obligation to help my readers keep … Continue reading

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Cui bono? The budget impact of a British withdrawal from the EU

So David Cameron’s not-actually-a-veto at the European Council summit last week has reignited the eternal debate over what the United Kingdom actually wants to do with itself in the EU, or whether it would be better off leaving altogether. One … Continue reading

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Why protectionism could ruin Norway’s Christmas

So the big story in today’s Danish media (okay, at least a story) is that Norway is running out of butter. Apparently, a combination of poor weather, higher than normal consumption, and possibly miscalculations on the part of the largest … Continue reading

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