European News in English

One of the big challenges to a deeper European integration is that we Europeans speak a whole bunch of different languages. The EU has 23 official languages (and will have 24 when Croatia joins), and that’s not counting all the different non-official, regional languages and dialects.

Different languages is not a problem or a weakness – Europe is “United in Diversity”, after all – but it is an enormous challenge to the emergence of a common European public sphere. If we all just remain stuck in our own national public spheres, and only hear of events in the rest of Europe and in the EU structure intermittently and as ‘foreign news’, the necessary further integration and democratisation of the EU just won’t happen.

Until someone finds a lasting solution to that challenge, the English-language news services in the different countries provide a temorary, if not entirely ideal fix. So to do my little part in the establishment of the pan-European public sphere, here is the Facts & Norms convenient list of services that provide news in English from (eventually) all the non-English-speaking EU member states:

Croatian Times

Czech Republic
Český rozhlas 7 – Radio Praha
The Prague Post

Danmarks Radio
Copenhagen Post

ERR – Estonian Public Broadcasting

France 24

Deutsche Welle
Der Spiegel International

Athens News

The Netherlands
Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Polish Radio External Service

Radio România Internaţional

Slovenský rozhlas – Radio Slovakia International

SR International – Radio Sweden

Readers! Do you know of a great news service that should be listed here? Let me know in the comments or at


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