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First presidential debate: Romney good, but not good enough

On last night’s presidential debates: Mitt Romney clearly did a better job (“won”, if you’re keeping score) against a President Obama who seemed somewhat tired and defensive. Although mostly still in attack mode, Romney did talk some about his own … Continue reading

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“I own a lot of cars, so please love me, Michigan.”

So the Republican Party in the US are in the middle of their primaries, and in fact, Michigan and Arizona are having their votes today, the polls closing in a little over respectively one and two hours at the time … Continue reading

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“I was in a bookstore/café that could neither sell books nor make coffee”

UPDATE: I’ve been made aware by a reader that it’s doubtful whether the anecdote mentioned here is true. See the comments for details. Megan Greene from Roubini Global Economics shares a Kafka-esque anecdote from Athens which illustrates what the real … Continue reading

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The European Council summit: An early analysis

So the latest European Council ‘informal’ summit was held on Monday without too much trouble, and there were a couple of important decisions. Most importantly, all the attending countries except the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic agreed on a … Continue reading

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Countdown to Another Summit

Tomorrow (Monday 3oth), the European Council will meet again at an “informal meeting” in Brussels. This will be sort of a half-way milestone in the process that was initiated at the last formal Council summit on 8-9 December last year … Continue reading

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A European Annapolis Convention?

(Apologies for the number of Wikipedia links, but this topic requires a certain amount of context.) In September 1786, a group of delegates from five of the newly-independent American states met in the city of Annapolis, Maryland, in what was … Continue reading

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Cui bono? The budget impact of a British withdrawal from the EU

So David Cameron’s not-actually-a-veto at the European Council summit last week has reignited the eternal debate over what the United Kingdom actually wants to do with itself in the EU, or whether it would be better off leaving altogether. One … Continue reading

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