Facts and Norms is a blog that comments on (mostly European) politics and society. Actively pro-federalist and Europhile, it draws inspiration from politicians such as Jean Monnet, Altiero Spinelli and Paul-Henri Spaak and from theorists such as Jürgen Habermas (whose major work Between Facts and Norms inspired the title), Max Weber and Hannah Arendt to envision a future Europe united in diversity and pluralism.

The blog is written and produced by Andreas Kjeldsen, a historian with degrees from the Universities of Copenhagen and York, and courses in English and EU law from King’s College London. Comments are encouraged on the blog or at lqb689@alumni.ku.dk.

If you’re not really interested in European politics, I frankly have no idea what you’re doing here in the first place, but you might be more interested in my other blog, The Endless Immensity of the Sea, which contains my more creative and/or random writings.


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