Norwegian butter protectionism: An update

Since my post on the butter shortage in Norway has easily become the most frequently visited one on this blog (it’s amazing how many people google for “norway butter protectionism”), I feel a certain obligation to help my readers keep a jour with this important issue. So here’s an update with some of the lastest developments:

In the first post, I speculated that the protectionism-caused butter shortage “could ruin Norway’s Christmas”. Admittedly, it seems that Christmas did in fact go reasonably well in Norway this year, all things considered, so I guess that our worst fears did not materialise on that point. Still, polls show that about 20% of Norwegians say they have been affected by the shortage – so perhaps we could argue that Christmas was 20% ruined? Hard to say.

The problems aren’t going away, however. Although the dairy cooperative/monopoly TINE originally guesstimated that the problem would be solved by January, it seems that finding a solution could now take a good deal longer – perhaps as long as well into next summer.

In addition, it appears that Norway could now also be threatened by a beef shortage because farmers are keeping more of their cattle for milk production, rather than selling them to be butchered.

So dear Norwegians: Please drop those ridiculous customs barriers and let us sell our butter and beef to you. We hate to see you suffer like this. :-(

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