The ultimate reply

A flying car (or "Personal Aerial Vehicle" as the engineers like to call it).

Dear readers: You know that annoying question that Euro-sceptics always like to ask? I’m talking about “What has the EU ever done for us?” And you know how it can sometimes be a bit hard to answer satisfactorily, because you’re stuck either with some really high-flying notions about peace and prosperity in Europe, or with all the technical stuff about roaming charges or airplane passenger rights and such?

Well, worry no more, because soon we may have the ultimate reply to that question: “Flying cars.”

I am not kidding: The myCopter project is a consortium between a number of German, British, French and Swiss universities and research institutions that “…aims to pave the way for PAVs to be used by the general public within the context of [a personal air transport system]”, i.e. build a flying car that won’t require a pilot’s license to use. And the project has been funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme, which is basically a large bank account for funding the research and development of new and innovative technologies within the Union.

So there you go: “What has the EU ever done for us, anyway?” “Flying cars.” Makes sense, doesn’t it?

(Special note to Britain: If you do withdraw from the EU, you will not get to play with our cool flying cars. I trust you will take this into consideration.)

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